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Alexandria X-Ray is a leading distributor of portable x-ray equipment and portable digital x-ray

systems. We sell and service portable systems throughout Louisiana and surrounding states. 



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Carestream Revolution


The Carestream Revolution is the industry’s only mobile x-ray system with a fully automatic collapsible column. Powered by a wireless DRX detector, this x-ray room on wheels drives like a dream and gives you fast, high-quality images. The CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System provides fast, convenient DR imaging for patients everywhere in a facility. Technologists will not have to blindly navigate heavy, bulky portable units throughout hospital elevators and hallways. Powered by the wireless DRX Detector that works across all your X-ray imaging equipment, the DRX-Revolution is feature-rich, to increase productivity and meet all your mobility needs.


Source-Ray SR 115 & SR-130


The model SR-115 & SR-130 provides high power, system reliability, and low maintenance all in a small footprint, lightweight package. These systems deliver the maximum mR/mAs, the SR-115 roduces 1.5kW of power while the SR-130 produces 3kW of power that provides hospital quality imaging performed anywhere, anytime a portable X-Ray System is transported to a patient. The SR-130 is a 100kV/30mA, 3kW system that can reduce exposure times on difficult radiographic anatomical views, which minimizes motion problems and improves image quality.




Refurbished GE AMX 4


With the AMX-4+, there’s no need to choose between patient comfort and quality of exam results. The AMX-4+ has been designed for non-stop performance in even the most taxing “bump and run” environments. Driving and positioning the AMX-4+ is easy even for small technologists. Which means they’ll be able to get to patients faster and complete exams more quickly, accommodating the needs of even the busiest facilities. Here are just a few of the features that make this high-productivity performance possible.


MinXrayHF 100H+


HF100H+ portable x-ray unit offers variable mA - 30, 25 and 20 - in a kV range of 40-100. This CPU controlled unit provides for the finest accuracy of output and features 5 memory stations for easy storage and recall of frequently used exposure techniques. When mounted to MinXray’s XGS MKIV stand the HF100H+ is easily transported between job sites and positioned for imaging.


MinXray PowerPlus HF120/60HPPWV


HF120/60HPPWV PowerPlus is the most powerful portable x-ray unit pound-for-pound available today. The total weight of the system, including the innovative XGS MKIV stand, is 96.5 lb. (43.8 kg). It produces up to 120 kVDC and over 200 mAs. This unit also features 5 memory stations to store and easily recall frequently used exposure techniques. Never before has so much power been available in a portable x-ray unit.



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